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The king of the silver space, David Morgan of the Morgan Report is putting his money where is mouth is, literally.

A long-time silver advocate and proponent of returning silver to the monetary system, Morgan became the first person to use AGX as modern silver money.

So what was his first purchase?

A decaf Americano at the nearest Starbucks during the recent Anarchapulco Conference which took place mid-February in Acapulco, Mexico.

During an interview with AGX host, Nick Prouten on the sidelines of the conference, Morgan noted how he became an Ambassador for the LODE Community over a year ago.

The LODE Community is constructing the world’s first Cryptographic Silver Monetary System by utilizing a blockchain protocol to enable the creation and distribution of two tokenized assets, each representing a unique relationship with investment-grade silver.

The first asset, The LODE Token, provides the opportunity for owners of investment-grade silver bullion to leverage their holdings and secure a stake in the LODE Monetary System

The second asset, The AGX Coin, represents one (1) gram weight and measure of vaulted silver bullion held in the LODE reserves.

AGX Coins provide LODE Community members with a high-speed, low-cost, private, and borderless method for transferring real value across the street or across the world, one where all transactions are secure, transparent, verifiable, and immutably notarized upon the blockchain distributed ledger.

I became acquainted with LODE pretty much from its inception, and to see the possibility of silver being re-implemented into the monetary system on a voluntary basis by the people, really excited me,” Morgan said.

Right before heading into the Starbucks, Morgan remarked, “I’m really anxious to see the first implementation of putting silver back to work as real money.”

Prouten then proceeded to walk Morgan through the registration process, which took place in less than 30 seconds.

“We just need you to put in your email and your password and hit that register button,” Prouten explained to Morgan,

“We’re going to load your account now with some AGX…and as you can see 10 AGX will now be added to the balance,” Prouten added.

Morgan’s reaction to being able to in turn purchase coffee with silver is priceless.

“It’s great to be able to go in and use silver and buy a cup of coffee!” “I’m going to have to process the reality,” Morgan said while still overjoyed by the moment.

“And you know, everything starts at the beginning – so this is the beginning of reinstituting silver,” Morgan added.

Watch the full video here:


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