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After 4 days of exhibiting among some of the worlds, most outspoken characters in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Politics, Investments, Philosophy, Health, Crypto, and Sustainability, we are pleased to announce that AGX had successfully became the currency of choice at Anarchapulco, the “worlds ‘premier liberty event’ ”. After LODE project partners Blockchain Foundry generated the first batch of AGX tokens on the Syscoin blockchain at 12:12 pm on Friday the 15th, Anarchapulco attendees were among the first people in the world to alpha test AGX’s upcoming Mobile wallet solution to receive 10 AGX tokens to purchase physical goods in what has been the defining “bitcoin for pizza” moment in the history of the LODE project.

Starting with longtime LODE Advocate and Ambassador David Morgan using the app to purchase coffee with newly minted AGX, individuals who registered on site were able to use AGX’s “modern-silver-money,” in exchange for t-shirts, cinch bags, and (after long and hot days in the Acapulco heat) – beer. David Morgan wasn’t the only notable figure to take up the LODE/AGX mantle though. After seeing the excitement generated by the community, renowned author G. Edward Griffin (writer of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”) also took up the mobile app and was impressed by its ease of use. After on-site ambassadors were fortunate enough to be interviewed by several attending news outlets including Anarchapulco Sponsors “Free-Talk-Radio,” Crypto Daily, and New Kids on the Blockchain – there can be no doubt that the public awareness of the LODE project has taken a huge leap forward.



This, however, was only the beginning. boasting an attendance of 2,000 people The LODE and AGX team successfully captured over 500 new registrants (roughly 25% of the entire show) to join as new members of the community with some members already taking the initiative to put their first deposits of idle silver to work on live on site.

But it’s not all about the newcomers, Anarchapulco also provided an excellent opportunity for attending ambassadors to re-connect with early LODE contributors, get important feedback, ideas, and to lend a hand in spreading the project’s message across the conference.

We thank all existing LODE contributors for their continued support in building the backbone of the project, welcome all of our new members, and look forward to seeing them join the community to build “The Future of Money.”

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