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2019 will trigger a significant shift of capital moving into Crypto Asset Classes focused on Asset Backed Securities manifesting as a tokenized store of value that can be traded in secondary markets. These new ‘exit ramps’ offer the promise of delivering liquidity to illiquid markets (real estate, land, small stock shares) through the democratisation of investments, where the entry level is set purposely low, having the potential to create inclusive super-liquidity.

Recession is inevitable and everyone knows it…

It is becoming very clear a Global Recession approaches fast where key indicators are pointing the way, as all asset classes are moving down. But this recession will be far deeper than the recent past, as global debt burdens of a creditocracy have grown exponentially since 2008 bail-out, which wasn’t really a bail out at all. Rather central banks were merely putting ‘pipstick on the pig’…

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Author: Nick Ayton


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